Automatic washing machine MPM-5614-PI-36


  • The washing machine control panel offers 15 main programs: cotton, wool, synthetics, baby care, hand wash, quick wash, mix, sports clothes, sports shoes (fabric and artificial leather), stain removal, intensive, soak (for heavy stains), pre wash, spin, and low speed spin.
  • Pre wash: for use with heavily soiled laundry. It adds an additional 30°C wash cycle to the selected program, to ensure improved stain removal during the basic wash.
  • Easy ironing
  • Extra rinse
  • Smart balance control
  • Maximum washing powder efficiency system
  • Door blocking
  • Anti-closing – a safety lock on the inside of the door. Protects the washing machine against accidental activation by children.
  • Foam control
  • LED display
  • Door opening angle 180°


  • Washing powder drawer with three compartments: pre wash, wash and conditioning (fabric conditioner, starch)
  • The powder drawer can be used for powders and liquids


  • Capacity: 6 kg
  • Water consumption: 34 L
  • Power consumption: 0,7 kWh/wash
  • Annual energy consumption:: 154 kWh/year
  • Annual water consumption: 7480 L/year
  • Spin performance, from G (min) to A (max): B
  • Energy consumption with the 60 ° C standard program and full load: 0,74 kW
  • Energy consumption with the 40 ° C standard program and partial loading: 0,43 kW
  • Time of the standard program of washing cotton fabrics at 60 ° C (at full load): 156 min
  • Time of the standard program of washing cotton fabrics at 40 ° C (with partial loading): 158 min
  • Noise level (wash):: 58 dB
  • Noise level (spin): 74 dB
  • Width: 60cm height: 85cm depth: 51 cm
  • EAN: 5903151000880

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