Cloth shaver LR-027-84


Each of us wants to have well-groomed clothes. Unfortunately, many materials are quickly pale and unsightly knots appear on them. Thanks to the LR - 027 - 84 machine, you can forget about them. This is a small device that is used to cut bristles and knots, smoothes the material and removes its pilling. The device is suitable for all types of fabrics, and three heights allow you to adjust the length of shearing to any material.

Thanks to the LR - 027 - 84 machine your clothes will look like new for longer.

A small device that will make your clothes look like new. Battery powered.


  • used for removing clumps from sweaters and other fabrics
  • 3 shaving settings
  • can be used on all types of fabric
  • removable container


  • power supply: 2 R20 batteries
  • EAN: 5901308001827

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