Food processor Kasia Plus MRK-11






After 20 years of the unquestionable success of Kasia's market kitchen robot, numerous prizes from both the industry and consumers, it is hard to decide on any changes: according to the sporting principle that the winning team does not change! However, both the world and technology are moving forward fast, so it was necessary to think about the construction, which still leads the way in its category, but it has its years ...

So we changed the engine for the new generation engine first: the slide bearings were converted into ball bearings, thanks to which the mechanism heats up less. It significantly prolongs its life; it is more durable (better winding), better quality carbon brushes are used. Most importantly, we get a turnover higher by almost 40% (with a blender there were 9,100 there are 13,100). Increased turnover shortens the working time and improves the efficiency of the food processor. The speed regulation subassembly (switch knob) has gained a new ergonomic shape, has been improved and reduced to 3 levels with the PULSE function. In addition to technical changes, Kasia also received a new look. Instead of standard prints, expressive stickers with information about its functions were used. Colored pictures and subtitles in Polish perfectly reflect what the new Kasia can do. Subtle, silver logo and delicate color change of transparent elements made Kasia look more elegant and modern.


  • 3 speeds + PULSE function
  • chopping
  • blending
  • grating
  • crumbling
  • kneading
  • mixing
  • whisking
  • slicing 
  • juice extracting
  • automatic safety system


  • mixing bowl capacity 1,5 l
  • blender jug capacity 1,0 l
  • stainless steel blades
  • kneading attachment
  • whisking attachment
  • 4 full stainless steel, double sided discs
    • potato grating disc
    • potato and vegetables chips disc
    • double sided finely and thickly slicing disc
    • double sided finely and thickly grating disc
  • juice extractor attachment
  • citrus squeezer
  • automatic safety system


  • max. 13100 rpm
  • voltage: 230 V ~50 Hz
  • rated power: 800 W
  • EAN:
    • MRK-11: 5901308013011
    • MRK-11/B: 5901308013561
    • MRK-11/F: 5901308013554
    • MRK-11/W: 5901308013578

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