Food processor MRK-17


MRK-17 kitchen robot is a multifunctional device in the optimal size, which in a practical way can facilitate and speed up the making of various dishes. Its appetizer for cutting vegetables and fruits into cubes will make it possible to prepare a vegetable salad much faster than using a traditional knife. An important element of the whole set is a potato trash plate that will allow you to quickly prepare dishes such as potato pancakes.


  • dicing
  • creaming
  • mixing
  • whipping
  • chopping
  • comminution
  • slicing
  • smooth speed regulation + TURBO button
  • work status indicator
  • suspension holder


  • food processor bowl (2000 ml)
  • attachments for dicing up - two sizes of cubes
  • bowl (400 ml) with stainless steel blade for cutting and grinding
  • stainless steel mixing attachment for use at high temperature
  • dough hook for mixing dough
  • attachment for whisking egg whites, light creams and sauces
  • double-sided disc with large holes for slicing and cutting vegetables and fruits
  • potato grating disc
  • container with lid (600 ml)


  • voltage: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • rated power: 800 W
  • EAN: 5901308011888

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