Halogen Oven MKO-01


You do not want to spend money on an expensive oven, but you want to prepare healthy meals for the whole family?

Kombiwar MKO-01 is the perfect solution for you! The device uses a hot air to cook and bake without adding fat to dishes, so that they are less caloric, and at the same delicious taste. Kombiwar will help you prepare not only fries you like by children, but also juicy skewers and sweet cakes.


  • hot air circulation cooks and bakes with no need of adding oil
  • halogen heating element speeds up cooking process and allow to keep more vitamins and minerals
  • "thew wash" - self cleaning function
  • adjustable cooking time from 5 to 60 min
  • max. temperature 250°C
  • capacity 19 l


  • low rack  
  • high rack 
  • extender ring
  • shashlik pins 
  • sieve
  • handle



  • voltage: 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • rated power: 1200-1400 W
  • bowl's diameter 335 mm
  • bowl's height 165 mm
  • EAN: 590130800729

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